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The Latina/o Studies Program at OSU offers an interdisciplinary Minor and a Graduate Specialization in Latina/o Studies.  As an academic inter-discipline, Latina/o Studies offers a unique education in the critical analysis of the experiences (social, political, medical, urban, gendered), histories, literatures, arts, and cultures of the multiethnic, multiracial, and multilingual population of Latina/os in the U.S.  Latina/o Studies is a part of the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective at OSU (DISCO).

We educate students to engage critical issues of our day with this knowledge.  Latina/o Studies prepares students to answer problems through training in varied disciplinary methods.  We join with students in examining the educational, cultural, social, political, geographic, economic, artistic, and literary phenomena created and influenced by Latina/os, as well as the impact of trends in these areas on Latina/os. We include attention to the ways that power and difference affects Latinas/os in multiple spheres, and we, therefore, contribute to the educational need to prepare students to fully participate in contemporary U.S. and global spheres with valuable knowledge and skills.

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