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Latinx Studies Independent Studies Research

Members of the Latinx Studies community holding a banner.
Faculty members from the Latinx Studies community.

Independent research with a faculty member working on Latinx Studies can count toward your minor!

If you have a taken a Latinx Studies class and you loved the subject matter and enjoyed working with the professor, you can offer to collaborate with them as a research assistant (you can also approach a professor in whose research you are interested, even if you haven’t taken a course with them). To count toward your minor, the research should contain at least a third of work on Latinx Studies (it is your responsibility to check this will be the case with the faculty member and confirm with the Latinx Studies Faculty Director that this is the case).

Doing independent research with a faculty member is a great way to deepen your professional relationship with the faculty member, get to know better this area of research, and earn credit for the minor.

Feel free to search through our list of Latinx Studies faculty using the "People" page.