Spring 2016

All courses to fulfill GIS must be taken outside of student’s home Department. Students interested in the GIS should consult with Faculty Coordinator. 

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have variable topics and may count toward the Minor [or GIS] when they include at least 30% Latina/o Studies content. This includes readings, assignments, and final writing projects.

Elective Courses

*Education: Teaching and Learning 5225: Reading Multicultural Literature Across Middle Childhood Curriculum
     12782, R 4:10PM - 6:50PM, Arps Hall 0384, S. Stewart
     13090, R 4:30PM - 7:30PM, Morrill Hall 0236, L. Parsons
     12819/12820, T 4:30PM - 7:15PM, Hopewell Hall 0080, C. Warner
* Education: Teaching and Learning 6808: Multicultural and Global Perspectives on Teaching and Learning 
     12911, We 4:30PM - 6:50PM, Arps Hall 0012, TBA
* Education: Teaching and Learning 8015: Diversity and Equity in Education
     12075, M 7:05PM - 9:25PM, Arps 0274, M. Rhoades
* Education: Teaching and Learning 8890LES Advanced Seminar: Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education
     13161, W 11:10AM - 1:30PM, Arps 0002, M. Gort
* Spanish 5389: US Latino Languages and Communities 
     31174/31175, WF 12:45PM - 2:05PM, Hagerty Hall 0056, A. Babel
* Spanish 5660: Seminar in Latin American Literatures and Cultures 
     23835, TR 2:20PM - 3:40PM, Derby Hall 0024, M. Wibbelsman
* Spanish 5689S: Spanish in Ohio (service learning/language) 
     23846, WF 9:30AM - 12:15PM, Hagerty Hall 0050, E. Foulis