Past Recipients


Latina/o Studies Award for Outstanding Service


Professor Inés Valdez


1) Delia M. Fernandez, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences

2) Yalidy M. Matos, Department of Political Science, College of Arts and Sciences 

Latina/o Studies Outstanding Undergraduate Research Paper Award


Edith Fuentes

Honorable mention: Nicolette Leon, “Pragmatic factors influencing existential determiners in child Spanish”


1)  Verónica Flores, Spanish and Comparative Studies, College of Arts and Sciences for "Tejano Identity in Forgetting the Alamo, or Blood Memory." Paper completed for COMPSTD 4804: Latina/o Literature and Culture. 

2)  Tatiana F. Hernández, Individual Program of Study, College of Arts and Sciences for "Salvadoran Deportation and Criminalization." Paper completed for POLISCI 4455: Human Rights. 

Latina/o Studies Best Graduate Research Paper Award


Jessica Rivera, Higher Education and Student Affairs, College of Education and Human Ecology, "Anti-Blackness Manifesting Itself in the U.S. Education System" Paper completed for COMPSTD 6390: Comparative and Cultural Studies I. 


Luís F. Macías, Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Ecology for "Racial Naturalization (and formation) of Latinas/os in the Midwestern U.S." Paper completed for COMPSTD 7380: Theorizing the Americas.