Spring 2017

All courses to fulfill GIS must be taken outside of student’s home Department. Students interested in the GIS should consult with Faculty Coordinator. 

*Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have variable topics and may count toward the GIS when they include at least 30% Latina/o Studies content. This includes readings, assignments, and final writing projects.

All courses that count for the GIS must be at the 5000 - 8000 level, however, only one course at the 5000 level will count toward the GIS.


Spring 2017
Latina/o studies

Comparative Studies

6391, Approaches to Comparative Cultural Studies II
#17039, W 2:15-5:00PM, Hagerty Hall 451, Philip Armstrong

7380, Theorizing America
#32242, R 2:15-5:00PM, TBA, Miranda Martinez

8890, Colloquia, Workshops, and Departmental Seminars
#26786, T 11:00AM-2:00PM, TBA, Theresa Delgadillo

Education: Teaching and Learning

7364, Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
#32527, R 4:30-6:50PM, TBA, Patricia Enciso

8015, Diversity and Equity in Education
#12355, M 7:05-9:25PM, Arps Hall 274, Melinda Rhoades

8890, Advanced Seminar
#32564, T 4:30-6:50PM, Arps Hall 286, Arnulfo Perez
#32153, R 1:30-3:30PM, Arps Hall 2, Brittany Garvin and Valerie Kinloch


6758.01, Introduction to Graduate Study in U.S. Ethnic Literature and Culture
#32078, T 9:10AM-12:10PM, Denney Hall 419, Lynn Itagaki


5389, US Latino Languages and Cultures
#27232, W 2:30-5:15PM, Hagerty Hall 255, Anna Babel

5640, Globalization and Latin America: Multi-disciplinary Approaches
#33105 and #33106, TR 2:20-3:40PM, Townshend Hall 247, Abril Trigo

5660, Seminar in Latin American Literatures and Cultures
#32922, TR 9:35-10:55AM, Hagerty Hall 45, Ulises Zevallos-Aguilar